and its new adventure

| Hotel Alcadima, Turismo

Today we start a new adventure with this website. The aim is to provide you information about us in a dynamic way; your opinion is very important for us. This website expect to tell you about updated walking routes information, the calendar of local celebrations, gastronomic and environmental recommendations  ? it cannot be forgotten that we are awarded the European Charter of the Sustainable Tourism and we give great importance to environmental cares? , and about many other things.

For this reason, we encourage you to write a comment or to interact with us on our social networks, so as to obtain more extensive information about us.

We are convinced that we are the best experts when it comes to the Alpujarra, Granada or their surroundings. We grew up here, and we want to share with you this wonderful surrounding, making you enjoy with truly experiences. With this section, we want to be your adviser and guide you through our great area, showing you our customs, taking you into small but breathtaking places ? some of them only known by local people ? or tasting typical foodstuffs.

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