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Sierra Nevada is commonly known because it is the most southerly ski resort of Europe. But this mountain chain is far more than just that. In fact, it is recognized as a Biosphere Reserve (1986) because of its high ecological and cultural value. It has become one of the 669 areas with these characteristic of the world.

This nomination recognises worldwide its biological diversity, the high scientific interest of its natural elements and its landscapes, some of them product of the human activity and, therefore, they are a footprint of a rich cultural legacy.

By way of illustration, the Sierra Nevada has more than the 25% of plant species that can be found in the Iberian Peninsula and gather the 7% of the Mediterranean flora (it must be remembered that it is just one-hundredth of the surface of this area).

Because of all these facts, Alcadima Hotel stands up for the protection of our environment. In addition, we are awarded the European Charter of the Sustainable Tourism. Located at the slope of this ecological and cultural treasure, we are aware of its conservation importance.

The best way to enjoy this natural area is walking along footpaths that lead to dense forests, dramatic cliffs, wild peaks and different villages that adorn mountainsides and maintain the footprints of ancestral cultures and let you taste the variety of delicious cuisine.

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