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Do you like sea, mountain or charming cities like Granada? Alcadima Hotel is perfect for you. And even more perfect in autumn. We give you five reasons to visit Granada:

1.   The Alpujarra offers you the chance to taste its best fruit: the chestnut. Autumn is the best season to walk through its breathtaking surroundings. Its many walking routes are now spectacular, and you can notice a different range of colours from green to yellow in tree leaves. Chestnut festivity takes place every year in villages of the area near Halloween time. Feel invited to taste the chestnut and to celebrate the welcoming of autumn.

2.   You can also find the opportunity to enjoy autumn in other places of the region of Granada. From September to the middle of October, beaches in Costa Tropical are in perfect conditions. In fact, the water is warmer than in the rest of the year because of the sunny days of summer. It is not crowded, so you can find the perfect calm (mostly during the week), and the sea is cleaner.

3.   Autumn is the best moment if you want to sightsee in Granada city. Temperatures are warm, but it is nothing to do with the extreme temperatures of July and August, when it is almost impossible to do an outdoor activity. So, in that way, you can enjoy nice sunny days visiting the Alhambra and the Generalife and walking around the Albaycín and other quarters. In addition, it is easier to book tickets for the Alhambra. During this season, you can easier choose the entry time and your visit can be more delightful, as it is possible to avoid long lines and crowded areas.

4.   You will find more information on www.alhambra-patronato.es, the official webpage of the Alhambra. In it, it is detailed all the information about the different kinds of tours. In September 2016, the Powder Tower (la Torre de la Pólvora) was opened to the public and two kinds of flowers, houseleeks and globe amaranth, were named as “plant of the month”. Those can be found in many places of the Alhambra

5.  You can find useful and objective information on www.granadadirect.com. It can help you to plan your visit to Granada and to clear up some doubts. Other useful pages are www.granadatur.com, the town official page for Tourism and, if you plan to visit other places of the area www.turgranada.es, the council page for Tourism, is also highly recommended.

6.   After holidays and with the hard getting back into the routine, planning a visit to Granada is maybe the best antidote for this “after holidays” mood.

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