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We all have heard about this new trend that is just about ‘a return to a simple, traditional and totally reinvented cuisine’. That trend is followed by famous chefs at international level and consists in a return to traditional recipes with tastes that bring you into your childhood. How many times have your smell and taste senses making you feel a deep childhood memory that transmits a nice feeling of comfort and happiness? That put a smile on your face! That is the main idea defended by this new cooking trend: go back to traditional tastes so as to recall childhood memories.

Nowadays, food and its presentation follow the same trend everywhere. In fact, it seems sometimes that you have not left your habitual environment. There are also occasions in which we do not have time to taste meals; we live in the world of the hurries. In the last decades, cuisine has drastically developed and has become art or science; how many times have we heard about famous culinary deconstruction or fast food or artificial food with chemical elements?

Alcadima Hotel wants to follow the comfort food and slow food trends and return to traditional tastes. We want to continue taking care about flavours and food presentation, but also to recuperate our granny’s lovely recipes. We want to recuperate those recipes that were left in oversight, and we all miss using, at the same time, high quality ingredients, which, at the end, are the key elements. Simplicity but real flavours.

We invite you to recuperate invigorating homemade dishes at home. In this occasion, we suggest sweet porridge because it has a great history in Spain, but also in other ancient civilizations (according to Wikipedia). It was an exquisite reserved for Halloween in the Alpujarra and in other location at southern Spain. See how to cook it on

What do you think? Do you want to follow our way to take up homemade food?

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